In Conversation | Vida Glow's Founder - Anna Lahey

Apr 28 ’23

Vida Glow is designed for real, active people. Busy, messy living that doesn’t have time for superficial beauty or complicated regimes. We specialise in active beauty solutions and scientifically formulated ingestible supplements.

Founded in 2014, Vida Glow’s success has been built on our hero Natural Marine Collagen range – a clinically proven peptide powder that stimulates collagen production. Today Vida Glow formulates science-backed beauty and health solutions for modern lifestyles.

Anna Lahey is the founder of global ingestible beauty brand Vida Glow and the driving force behind the brand’s commitment to science-backed results.

After experiencing first-hand the power of marine collagen supplementation, in 2014 Anna launched Vida Glow to help others experience the tangible results of science-backed ingestible beauty.

What inspired you to launch Vida Glow?

Vida Glow was founded on my passion for the transformative effects collagen had on my hair after experiencing hair loss. I had tried every product on the market and only saw tangible results from daily collagen supplementation.

I invested into the research to understand the scientific evidence behind the results I saw across my hair, skin and nails. And the clinical data was very evident.

There was nothing else like it in the market in 2013. Collagen wasn’t the beauty buzzword it is today – and ingestible beauty wasn’t either.

I saw a gap in the market for ingestible formulations that directly addressed beauty concerns, and in 2014 I launched Vida Glow.

How do you incorporate Vida Glow into your daily routine?

I believe in a holistic beauty routine that includes ingestible products and topical products working in tandem. I take our Natural Marine Collagen twice a day. In the morning, I take it in a glass of water and in the evening mixed into a cup of tea. After giving birth to my fourth child, my skincare routine is focused on addressing pigmentation and looking well-rested when I’m far from it. So, in the morning, I do a gentle cleanse, followed by an antioxidant serum, moisturiser, sunscreen and our Radiance capsules that work from a cellular level to address pigmentation, add luminosity to my skin and brighten my tired under eyes.

We know all the products you have developed are incredible, but do you have a personal favourite?

Our Natural Marine Collagen is always a favourite, there isn’t a day that I don’t take it. It’s a responsibly sourced, hydrolysed form of marine collagen, which means large collagen molecules have been broken down to a size your body can actually absorb and put to use to firm and smooth your skin. But I’m also so proud of our Radiance capsules. These don’t have any collagen in them, rather a clinically studied blend of actives that address skin pigmentation at a cellular level for a brighter more even skin on the surface.

For someone starting out with Vida Glow, how would you recommend they introduce Vida Glow into their routine?

I always recommend our clinically proven Natural Marine Collagen. Our Original, tasteless sachets are our best-seller. You simply add a sachet to water, or tea or coffee. Our collagen is heat stable and just as efficacious in hot or cold drinks. It’s easy to supplement and you will see results in your skin firmness and glow, hair thickness and nail strength quite quickly. Then if you want to combat more specific concerns like acne, hair loss or uneven skin tone you can add one of our Advanced Repair capsules to your routine to address these concerns from inside the body.

Do you have any up-and-coming launches we can look forward to in the future?

Yes! While beauty has been our focus since we launched in 2014, female health is a huge passion of mine and a direction I always wanted to take Vida Glow in. Female health is under-researched, and women are underserved when it comes to health products that are formulated exclusively for their bodies. It’s our mission to change that. ​So, we’ve created Women’s Health – a range of vitamins scientifically formulated for the specific needs of females. With this range we’re addressing gut health, pregnancy, stress and general wellbeing.

If you’re interested in experiencing the science-backed benefits of ingestible beauty, Vida Glow’s full product range is available at Sisters & Co.